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Tree Preservation, Pruning and Removal

Our dedication to preserving the vitality of your green spaces and ensuring efficient tree pruning and removal is at the core of our mission. With a team of certified arborists and cutting-edge equipment, we bring a harmonious blend of expertise and innovation to every tree preservation, pruning and removal request. 


Tree Preservation and Removal Proposal (TPRP) Submission

Experienced in dealing with governement officials to obtain approval of TPVP under DEVB TC(W) No. 4/2020 and LandsD LAO PN Issue No. 

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Use of Tree Grapple (truck mounted)

Secure lifting minimizes risks to surroundings, equipped with chain-saw streamlining the tree pruning / removal process while maintaining a commitment to safety.

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Tree Climbing

Whenever ground access is impractiable, our Climber Specialist will access high branches to ensure precise pruning, disease management, and structural care for overall tree health. 

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Cobra Installation

Aim at preventing potential hazards before they escalate. By cabling codominant stms, we fortify your trees against adverse weather conditions, heavy loads, safeguarding property and ensuring the longevity of your trees.

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Use of Aerial Platform

Safe access to high branches for inspection and pruning. Ensuring efficient tree care with precision.

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Tree Stump Removal

 Efficiently removes large tree stumps, leaving landscapes ready for new growth, eliminating tripping hazards, and allowing seamless replanting.

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