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Tree Risk Assessment

Our team of certified arborists is dedicated to providing comprehensive tree risk assessments to ensure the well-being of your arboricultural assets. Whether you're a homeowner, property manager, contractors with trees in your site or municipality, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose us
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Cutting-edge Technology

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Holistic Approach

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Continual Follow-up

Our certified arborists bring years of experience and expertise to every tree risk assessment. They are well-versed in arboriculture, tree biology, and risk management, ensuring a thorough and accurate evaluation of your trees.

We leverage the latest technology, including advanced tree inspection tools and equipment. From resistograph, tomograph, laser scanning to aerial drone assessments, our use of cutting-edge tools enhances the precision and efficiency of our evaluations.

Our approach goes beyond identifying visible issues. We consider various factors, including tree species, environmental conditions, and historical data, to provide a holistic assessment of the tree's health and potential risks.

We don't view our assessments as one-time events; instead, we believe in establishing an ongoing relationship with our clients. Through regular follow-up assessments, we track the progress of recommended actions, monitor changes in tree health, and address emerging concerns promptly. 

Tree Risk Assessment Process
  1. We begin with a consultation to understand your concerns, assess the property, and gather relevant information.​

  2. Our arborists conduct a detailed visual inspection of each tree, looking for signs of disease, decay, structural issues, and other potential risks.

  3. ​When considered necessary, we employ specialized tools, such as resistographs and sonic tomography, to assess internal tree health and structural integrity.

  4. Collected data is meticulously analyzed to determine the level of risk associated and suitable mitigation measures (cobra, structural pruning trunk injection, tree removal etc..

  5. Our arborists will monitor the progress of implemented actions, track changes in tree health, and identify any emerging risks to ensure the continued effectiveness of the risk management strategies.

Inspection Instruments


Resistograph aids tree risk assessment by measuring resistance accurately, identifying internal decay, and assessing structural integrity for proactive risk management.



E-nose aids in identifying brown rot root decay during tree risk assessment by detecting specific odors, enabling early intervention for preservation.

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Tomograph provides detailed internal images, helping detect decay, structural issues, non-destructively.

Tree Motion Sensor.PNG

Tree Motion Sesnor

Tree motion sensor continually monitor tree movements, aiding risk assessment by identifying abnormalities, enabling proactive management for sustained safety.

Drone Inspection.jpeg

Drone Inspection

Drone inspection offers a bird's-eye view, identifying potential issues on tree holes, and enhancing overall assessment efficiency and accuracy.

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Laser Scanning

Laser scanning aids continual tree risk assessment by capturing shape changes, ensuring accurate measurements, and assessing potential impacts on nearby properties.

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